Autumn leaves Necklace

necklace Complete the bracelet-and-earring set by Linda Arline Hartung Supplies Kits available from Alacarte Clasps, 800.977.2825, alacarteclasps. com. necklace 18 in. (46 cm) ◆ 3 26 mm leaf-shaped crystals ($8) ◆ 7 8 mm bicone crystals, topdrilled ($3.50) ◆ 7 6 mm bicone crystals topdrilled ($2) ◆ 7 4 mm bicone crystals* ◆ 36 in. (.9m) 6 mm rust WireLace ($6) ◆ 38 in. (97 cm) crystal chain ($50) ◆ 3 11⁄2-in. (3.8 cm) crystal-studded head pins ($1) ◆ 10 4 mm jump rings ◆ 6 2-in. (5 cm) head pins ◆ leaf clasp ($15) ◆ chainnose and roundnose pliers ◆ diagonal wire cutters *These items cost less than $1.

(1) Cut two pieces of chain, one with 26 crystals and one with 27 crystals. Open a jump ring (Basics) and attach the chains between the 12th and 13th crystals.Close the jump ring. Use jump rings to attach the links after the 13th and 14th crystals. (2) On each end of both chains, use a jump ring to attach the end links and half of a clasp. (3) Following earring step 3, make four bicone units. Complete the wraps. Following bracelet steps 1 to 3, make two leaf units. Complete the wraps. Cut a piece of chain with three crystals. Use jump rings to attach a leaf unit to each end and four bicone units as shown.

(4) Cut an 18-in. (46 cm) piece of WireLace. Tie an overhand knot (Basics) around the first jump ring.Weave the lace through each remaining jump ring, tying overhand knots as you go. Trim the excess lace. (5) a Use a jump ring to attach the dangle to half of a clasp. b Repeat steps 3 to 5a with a two-crystal piece of chain, three bicone units,

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