Sewing Patterns

Sewing Patterns 
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There is a certain sense of history and grace about the whole idea of home stitching, and all that complements it, namely sewing machines and sewing patterns. Sewing is a universally popular household hobby, amusement and even profession. One would not have to work hard to fall upon a story of how some years of dedicated home stitching and sewing opened up gates of the professional designing industry for dexterous individuals.


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Sewing patterns have been existent from several decades now, and have managed to maintain their place despite the ever progressing and often leaping consumer markets. It all started around the 1860s, when the first sewing patterns were introduced for home use. The art of sewing had been prevalent before that time as well, and it all got fuelled with the advent of intuitive and innovative sewing patterns.


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Butterick sewing patterns are no alien mention for the sewing enthusiast, and quite obviously so. The man behind the present day revered status of Butterick sewing patterns, Mr. Ebenezer Butterick changed the basic fabric of the sewing scenario by introducing wonderful sewing patterns for gents and ladies in 1863. It was upon an impromptu instigation by his wife that Butterick reacted by inventing sewing patterns that could be easily used to create superb fitting clothes at home, without any precise tailoring acumen. And sewing patterns from Butterick retain their charm till date. Butterick started by using cardboard to create his sewing patterns, but subsequently shifted to tissue paper in order to facilitate easy shipping of the patterns throughout the country. Sewing patterns have grown by leaps and bounds in all terms since then, but still are underscored by the simplicity of style and execution introduced by Butterick.