Baby Items

Personalize Embroidery Baby chemise – Sold by the dozen in a variety of Colors And personalized with your embroidery Baby Name ETC.


Personalized Embroidery Baby Bib

Sold by the dozen, And personalized with your Baby name ETC.

The fascination which tiny tots have for cartoons is well known to one and all. This is why buying stuff patterned with his favorite cartoon for your baby will be a smart step.

Our merchandise includes a number a baby items with lovable embroidery – the sight of which will be pleasing for the babies and the grown-ups alike. The young ones have a faculty of imagination which is infinitely stronger than ours, and hence living up to their expectations is not an easy deal.

However, our creative team ensures that it comes up with designs which sooth a child’s eye, and therefore we take immense pride in our baby collection.

Intelligent embroidery for babies can serve a number of purposes other than living up to a baby’s fancy. For example, parents can teach their kids identifying colors by pointing out to the bands of hues present on a blanket or a bed-sheet. We keep such considerations in mind when designing our stuff, and therefore you must go for our embroidered baby items without second thoughts.

Be it frocks, handkerchiefs, blankets, bloomers, pillows or any other textile product you may need for your baby, we make it all available, thus sparing you the hassle of hunting for each one of them at different places.

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