Balloon Valance

Making Balloon Valance For this valance the measurement for the window I am using is 40” wide To make the balloon valance the first measurement you will need in the fabric is the length, for that I will measure a piece of material about three times the width of the window (120” long) by 30” width.Next you will trim the both edge by turning and sewing as show. Then you are going to make a casting by fording 10” of fabric as shown I will then make a straight stitch about 8” from the top or as desire according to your curtain rods, you will them make another stitch in the middle to finish your casting.You will now have two edges to work with, sew two row of running stitch on both edge and gather as shown. Next you will need to hold your gather in place and form your balloon shape, for this you will need to measure a piece of fabric 45” long by 10” wideTo make your balloon valance you will gather both edge of the fabric, and use the piece of fabric to hold both edges in place. Hang and shape valance, use newspaper inside for a stuffer fuller look, roll and shape your news paper as show, sponge can also be for fullness.Follow pictorial diagrams for more information; please feel free to ask questions using the comment box. Make regular Casting for window Curtain

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