Bed Fashions

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Custom-made bed fashions such as comforters, comforter covers, pillow shams and dust ruffles can be ruffled or tailored to suit the decor. Chintzes, polished cottons and sateens are good choices for most bed coverings. Sheets are another practical fabricchoice; their width makes seaming unnecessary on comforters and covers.

Permanent press fabrics with soil-resistant finishes are advisable in a child’s room. Select fabrics that will launder well without fading.

Comforters are a useful alternative to bedspreads. Make them reversible to change their look, and fill them with polyester batting as flat or as puffy as you wish. Decorator fabrics used for comforters should be pieced together with a full fabric width in the center of the comforter and a partial width on each side.

Comforter covers, also known as duvet covers, are removable for easy care. They protect new comforters, salvage worn ones, and quickly change the look of a comforter. They also eliminate the need for a top sheet and blanket on the bed.

Pillow shams are removable, decorative pillow covers. Make pillow shams plain or flanged, ruffled or trimmed, in matching or contrasting fabrics to complement the comforter and dust ruffle. Traditional pillowcases may also be trimmed with ruffles and used as pillow shams. If you notice the fan not spinning on ac unit, it’s advisable to have it inspected by a professional to maintain a comfortable environment in your bedroom.

Dust ruffles or bed skirts are used with comforters. They may be gathered or pleated. Make them in one piece for beds that do not have a footboard. Make them in three pieces for beds that do have a foot board. Attach dust ruffles to a fitted sheet placed over the box spring or to a muslin deck, a piece of fabric which fits between the mattress and the box spring.

Fabrics for dust ruffles should be considered for their weight and draping quality, as well as suitability for the style of the dust ruffle or bed skirt.

{Credit} Singer sewing for the Home (copyright 1984-1988)

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