Clothing Items

Embroidery prints, patterns and designs on clothes make for great outfits and apparels.  It is something that has traditionally been used across countries and cultures to adorn garments and create a sense of fine dressing.  Our site offers you the opportunity to indulge in similar taste by choosing from a wide range of embroidered clothing items available in a variety of cuts and fabrics.

You can have a look in the catalogue that boasts of silk, chiffon, cotton and woolen dresses, caps, stoles, shirts, kaftans and a lot of other items for men, women, children as well as teenagers, beautifully decorated with fabulous and intricate needle work.  Our embroidery too isn’t limited to a particular type but includes a range of styles, each worth some space in your wardrobes as well as hearts.

The clothes come with an assured guarantee of hundred percent comfort, quality and durability and set the wearer apart from the crowd that prefers monotonous colors and boring conventional styles.  The threads used too are of high quality and the color unlikely to bleed.  Its total value for money and a distinctive fashion statement that one must make!

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