Country Kitchen

Country Kitchen-1Framed in cookie jar, skillet, or canning jar shapes, these designs will give your kitchen down-home appeal.

Apples Size: 3 – 1/2 “w X 6-3/4” h

Cow Size: 7-1/8″w x 7-1/8″h

Geese Size: 8 -1/4 “w x 6-1/4 ” h

Supplies: Worsted weight yarn (refer to color key), one 10-5/8″ x 13-5/8″ sheet of

7 mesh plastic canvas, #16 tapestry needle, frame, and 8″ of ‘ 1/8″ w red satin ribbon (for Geese only)

Stitches Used: Backstitch, Cross Stitch, French Knot, Gobelin Stitch, and Tent Stitch Instructions: Insert unworked piece of plastic canvas into frame to check size before stitching. Trim canvas to fit frame if necessary. Follow chart and use required stitches to work piece. Complete background with blue Tent Stitches as shown on chart. Insert stitched piece into frame.

For Cow only: Cut four 8″ lengths of black yarn. Knot three yarn lengths together close to one end. Thread loose ends of yarn through canvas at . Braid yarn for l-1/2 “. Tie remaining yarn length around end of braid to secure. Trim ends to 1/4”. For Geese only: Thread 8″ of 1/8″ w ribbon through canvas at Tie ribbon in a bow and trim ends.

Created by Readiris, Copyright IRIS 2007












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