Crochet-Owl Fridgie

Approx: 5½” tall Materials Worsted weight yarn – Brown and orange (or whatever colors you wish to use) 2 – 20mm wiggle eyes 1 – brown chenille stem (pipe cleaner) Crochet hook size J Tapestry needle Magnet strip (I used a piece ½”X3½”) Holding one strand of brown and one strand of orange together, ch 4, sl st in the first chain to form a ring. Rnd 1: Ch 4, work 19 tr in ring, sl st to top of beg ch-4. Do Not Turn. Rnd 2: Ch 4, work 2 tr in the base of ch-4. Ch 4, sl st in the top of the last tr made. Tr in the same space as last tr made. Ch 4, sl st in same space, sl st in next tr, ch 4, tr in same space, ch 4, sl st in top of last tr. Work 2 tr in same space, ch 4, sl st in same space. Fasten off. (This round forms the head and ears) Tail Find the 3 middle tr at the bottom of the body. Attach yarn to the 1st of the three tr, ch 4, 2 tr in same space, 3 tr in next st, 2 tr in the last st, ch 4, sl st in the same sp. Fasten off (Tail made) For the limb, take the chenille stem and fold it in half, twisting to hold it together, leaving the open end loose about an inch or so, to bend the branches up. Hold the chenille stem on the front of the owl between the body and the tail. With a scrap piece of yarn and a tapestry needle, sew six stitches over branch, attaching it to owl body, leaving a space halfway between stitches.. three on each side to look like the claws of the owl. (refer to photo) Glue wiggle eyes to head. (refer to photo for placement) Glue magnet strip to back of owl. You can add little embellishments to personalize your new little friend..I added some green leaf sequins and tiny red pom pom’s to the branch ….. just have fun with it =)

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