How to cut Round Tablecloths

How to cut Round Tablecloths-2To determine the yardage for a tablecloth without a flounce, divide tablecloth diameter by fabric width less I” (2.5 cm).  Count fractions as one width. This is the number of widths. Then multiply number of widths by diameter and divide by 36″ (100 cm) to find the total yards (meters).

For center of flounced-edge tablecloth, subtract two times the finished depth of the flounce from the famished length of the tablecloth. Determine yardage for center as for tablecloth above.

Determine the flounce length by multiplying diameter of center by 3-1/2” double this figure. For number of strips, divide flounce length by fabric width. Then multiply number of strips by cut depth and divide by 36 for total yards (meters).

Cutting Directions

For tablecloth without a flounce, cut center panel with length equal to tablecloth diameter plus hems.

Add partial panels to form square. For tablecloth with flounce, cut center panel with length equal to the diameter of center plus seam allowances. Add partial panels to form square. Cut strips for flounce the depth of flounce, plus hem and seam allowances and length as determined above.

Cutting Round Tablecloths.

1) Join fabric panels, right sides together, with ½” (1.3 cm) seams to form square. Fold square into fourths. Pin layers together to prevent slipping.

2) Measure a string the length of the radius of the cloth. Tie one end of string around a marking pencil; pin other end at center folded corner of cloth. Mark outer edge of circle, using string and pencil as compass. Cut on marked line; remove pins.

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{Credit} Singer sewing for the Home (copyright 1984-1988)

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