Fast Peyote Stitch

Weave two rows of peyote stitch in a single pass

by Dona Anderson I learned this accelerated method for doing peyote stitch in 1999 from Kathy Rice of New Mexico who, in turn, learned it from an American Indian beader. With this method, which allows me to work two rows at a time, I can complete a bracelet-length band of ten-row-wide flat peyote stitch with 8Q seed beads in approximately 45 minutes. stepbystep [1] Attach a stop bead (Basics, p. 134) to a comfortable length of thread, and pick up an even number of seed beads. Work four rows in standard flat, even -count peyote stitch (Basics). [2] Pick up the same number of beads you started with in step 1. Drape them across the beadwork, and sew through the end up-bead of the previous row, going in the opposite direction (figure 1). [3] Skip the last bead picked up, sew through the next one, and continue through the next up-bead on the previous row (figure 2, a-b). Continue across, zigzagging through every other bead in the group you just picked up and the next up-bead on the previous row (b-c). [4] Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the desired length, adding thread (Basics) if needed. Figure 3 shows the next two rows completed. To finish, remove the stop bead and secure the tails. 0 To see more of Dona’s beautiful beadwork, visit her Web site, donandersonbeads .com

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