Faux Marbled Glass Vase


Marbled glass, whether fashioned in a fine art vase or in small marbles, will always capture fascinated eyes!

Marbled glass is one of the most expensive glass collectibles on the market. Its luminescence and elegance are unmistakable, so it’s no wonder that it is treasured by top-level collectors and celebrities worldwide. Would you believe us if we told you that the vase pictured here was created for about $5.00 in about 15 minutes? Well, it’s true! And you won’t even need a paint brush! Even children can achieve this lustrous look every time.

Read on to find out how….

Left to right: wax paper, plastic vase, red, pink, and white acrylic craft paints.



1. A plastic vase (This frosty-colored vase was bought for $1.00 at a a dollar store.)

2. Two sheets of wax/freezer paper

3. Acrylic craft paint in two contrasting colors (Here, pale pink and dark red were used. Very little paint is needed, so the small 2 oz. bottles work well.)

4. White acrylic paint (Very little paint is needed, so a small 2 oz. bottle works well.)

5. Polyurethane varnish (optional)
TIME NEEDED: About 15 minutes.


(Note: this process can be a bit messy, so make sure you are dressed accordingly!)

1. Place one sheet of wax or freezer paper on a table. Take the bottle or tube of the lighter of your two colors of paint and squeeze out some paint in a random design on the freezer paper (photo #1). Large circles and swirls work great.

2. Take the bottle or tube of white paint and add several swirls and splotches of paint over the first paint you laid down (photo #2).

3. Take the bottle or tube of the darker of your two colors and drop several small splotches over the two paints (photo #3).

4. Place the second piece of wax/freezer paper on top of the piece with the paint on it. Press your hands on top of the top piece and gently move the piece in a circular motion (photo #4). This swirls the paint between the two sheets of paper.

5. Gently peel back the top piece (photo #5) to reveal a marbleized design (photo #5a). At this point, you can add more paint and re-press the papers together, if you’d like to tweak the design in any way.

6. Pick up one of the pieces from its underside (the side without paint on it) and apply it directly to the inside of the vase by pressing the paper to the sides of the vase (photo #6).


To maintain distinct marbleized swirls in the design, put your hand all the way down into the vase to cover the bottom of the vase, first. Then work your way up to the top of the vase. If you’re interested in a more solid-color design with subtle swirls, start at the top and work your way down. As you work your way down, parts of the paper will inevitably touch the areas you’ve already painted, which will further blend the colors together.

7. When you remove the paper from the vase, you’ll see that the marbleized design has been transferred to the inside of the vase, and shows through to the outside (photo #7). The fact that the paint shows through from the inside is what creates the smooth, marbled glass effect. If the paint were applied to the outside, the design would be colorfully and texturally interesting, but it wouldn’t have the smooth, reflective look of glass.

Now, just repeat the process until all areas of the inside of the vase are covered with paint. Aim to cover a new area each time you put the paper in the vase to keep the design clear. When the sheet of paper starts to look “muddy”, pick up the second sheet and continue.

8. When all areas are covered, allow the vase to dry thoroughly. If you plan to only use the vase alone or with artificial flowers, there’s no need to varnish the inside. If, however, you plan to use live flowers in the vase, you need to cover the inside surface with two coats of waterproof polyurethane. You may find that it is easier get proper coverage in the inside of the vase with a sponge or sponge brush, rather than with a paint brush.

Information from Quick & Stylish Decorative Crafts (e-book)

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