How to Take Bra Measurements

How to Take Bra Measurements-1A huge number of women are walking around wearing the wrong size bra and have been doing so for years, an astonishing thought when you think about it, how can you really be that out of tune with our own bodies?

Getting measured is easy enough but manywomen choose not to as the thought of perhaps getting it done in public can make people feel slightly uneasy.

What you need to know is that bra measurements can be taken over clothes and therefore no undressing is needed. Wearing the wrong bra size is common so there is absolutely no need to feel embarrassed if you have got it wrong. In store measuring is simple enough, department stores in the UK are renowned for having good sales persons that carry out bra sizing on a daily basis. Smaller stores might not be able to offer this service but you can take things into your own hands. Measuring yourself is simple and will lead you to a world of exquisite lingerie waiting to be tried and tested by your lovely self. There is a great post by Cris’ Lingeries that you can read to understand the latest trends and more.

Try and avoid bra-sizing calculators you might find online and simply figure out the measurements yourself. You might need a helping hand but other than that, all you really need is a tape measure. Start by measuring under your bust, larger ladies will get a more accurate measurement if they go braless, make sure the measuring tape is level around the body (this is where the helping hand might be useful) and this will give you your band size.

Your next measurement should be taken around the fullest point of your breasts resulting in your bust size. Your cup size is then calculated by subtracting your band size from your bust size. If the two numbers are the same you will be an A cup, an inch difference indicates a B cup, two inches, a C cup and so on. It is best to check these measurements thoroughly as some bra sizes are not quite linear, e.g. DD. Once you have established your correct size you will be able to benefit from fabulously fitted and beautiful lingerie with comfort you didn’t know existed. Find a wide range of underwear that fits you at, where you can also order one of our buy now pay later catalogues.

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