Lunchtime Fun

Carrying a lunch to school can be lots of fun with this colorful lunch sack! Stitched with bright designs, our unique tote features convenient handles that are just right for little ones to hold Size: 5 -1/2 “w x 10 -1/4 “h x 3 -1/8″ d Supplies: Worsted weight yarn (refer to color key), two l0-1/2″ X 13-1/2” sheets of 7 mesh plastic canvas, and #16 tapestry needle Stitches Used: Backstitch, Gobelin Stitch, Overcast Stitch, and Tent Stitch Instructions: For sturdier handle, place Handle Support behind handle on Front/Back. Match edges and hold pieces together while stitching through both thicknesses. Follow charts and use required stitches to work Sides. For Bottom, cut a piece of plastic canvas 36 x 21 threads. Work Bottom with blue Tent Stitches. Use color to match stitching area to join Front and Back to Sides. Use blue to join Bottom to Front, Back, and Sides. Fold down sections of Sides and use blue to join sections where indicated by heavy black lines.Designed by Dick Martin.

lunch-time lunch-time-key

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