Rosebud Finger Plate

Above: Rosebud Finger Plate,  Rose Card,  and Spectacle Cleaner,  (with a little adapting, the spectacle cleaner would also make a lovely key case). Also above are earrings and a choker made out of seed beads using a beading loom. ROSE HEART DMC COLOUR KEY Stitch Count 35 wide x 18 high •    501 Dark Green •    503 Light Green •    349 Dark Red •    351 Medium Red •    352 Light Red Rose Heart Card was worked in cross stitch using three strands of thread on White 14 count Aida and was set into a craft card. Rosebud Door Finger Plate was stitched using DMC Stranded Cotton 924 Green and 760 Pink. The design was worked in cross stitch using two strands of thread on White 14 Count Vinyl Fabric 3″ x 11″ (The stitch count for 14 count Vinyl Fabric inserted into the finger plate was 30 wide x 136 high.) Trim the stitching and mount onto a piece of white card cut the same size  and insert into a Frame Craft perspex Finger Plate. Note that the vinyl fabric had 3 x 3 squares cut out, two squares away from each corner to allow for the screws, the backing card was also pierced accordingly. . Spectacle Cleaner was stitched using DMC Stranded Cotton 502 Green for the diagonal lines, 3740 Dark Grape for the outer hearts and crosses and 3041 Medium Grape for the center four hearts and cross. The design was worked in cross stitch over two threads using two strands of cotton on Natural 32 count Belfast Linen. We only cross stitched the front of the Spectacle Cleaner. To Make Spectacle Cleaner: 1 Cut two pieces of Linen 12 cm (4.5″ square). Tack the shape of the template on the front of one of these pieces and use this as your guideline for cross stitch area. When stitching has been completed, trim to the same shape as the template but 1 cm larger on all sides and unpick tacking. Trim unworked linen to the same size and shape. 2 Using the template. cut two shapes out of flat flexible plastic (lids of ice cream containers are ideal). These can be padded on one side with batting/wadding if desired, 3 Using the template, cut two pieces of lining fabric about .5 cm smaller than the template and zig zag or oversew the edges to stop fraying. 4 Lace the cross stitch onto the plastic shape, padded side to the front and repeat this step for the unworked linen. 5 Center the lining fabric on the inside! laced area and neatly oversew on all sides to hide the lacing. 6 Place the two pieces together, right sides out and with matching thread neatly oversew the sides together, leaving a 1 cm hole at the top. 7 Using the green stranded cotton make a six ply cord long enough to fit all around the front of spectacle cleaner and stitch this on using matching thread (we poked the ends into the hole at the top and secured this with several stitches. 8 Make a green tassel by wrapping stranded cotton around a piece of card 5 cm wide. Do not cut at this stage. 9 Make a green 13 cm (5″) cord. Before twisting the cord back on itself, loop it through the tassel on the card and center it in the middle of the cord. Let it twist back on itself and this will hold the tassel on the cord. Knot the other end of the cord, leaving enough tail to secure the lens cloth to it. 10 Finish off the tassel by cutting the wrapped thread in half and tightly wrapping stranded cotton around the neck to secure it, hide any ends under the winding. (Please see diagram ). 11 Thread the cord through the hole in the top of the eyeglass cleaner and attach a lens cloth or piece of shammy leather 15 cm (6″) square to the other end of the cord, using the tail after the knot. With a little adapting, this would also make a unique key case.

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