Scarf Pillows

Scarf Pillows-1Most dorm beds also double as a couch (and study nook,and eating area), so why not spruce up the bottom bunk with a few fun scarf pillows? Simply hit the nearest Savers/Value Village and find a few old throw pillows, then check out the accessories section for scarves in bright prints and bold colors – vintage scarves look exceptionally chic. You’ll have an upscale look for just a few bucks.


• $4.99 Scarf

• $1.99 Pillow

You Will Need:

• 1 large scarf

• 1 medium sized throw pillow

Other supplies:

• Scrap pieces of construction paper or lightweight cardboard to draw templates

• Clear contact paper (available at office and home improvement stores)

• Double-sided tape

• Ruler or tape measure

• Scissors

• Pencil


Step 1: Hand wash scarf and air dry. Lightly iron scarf if needed.

Step 2: Lay scarf fl at on table or floor, then place pillow on the scarf so pillow edges are perpendicular to

scarf edges (see image).

Step 4: Tie together two opposite ends of the scarf across the length of the pillow.

Step 5: Tie remaining ends of scarf together.

Step 6: Pull ends from the first knot out and fluff pillow.

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