Sewing Straight Skirt WaistBand

The pictorial demonstration below will show you how to put your skirt waistband on after you have sewn your zipper and join and serge your skirt side seams.

First you will sew the waistband all around the material, next you will turn your material 1-1/2 inch or as desired for the width of your waistband, sew out about 1 inch off the skirt (this is for your button and button hold) Sew out and up to the end as shown, next you will turn under and shape your waistband as shown. Stitch along the bottom and top to hold the band in place. Use pelon to line your waistband if you are using light material, Persons can also use belting to give a firm fit. This is just a demonstration and NOT the actual size of a waistband ETC.

Sewing Straight Skirt WaistBand-2 Sewing Straight Skirt WaistBand-3 Sewing Straight Skirt WaistBand-4 Sewing Straight Skirt WaistBand-5 Sewing Straight Skirt WaistBand-1


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