Sun Set Luncheon Set

MATERIALS: Clark’s O.N.T. mercerized crochet, size 30, 16 balls of ecru and 7 balls of color 43 dk. yellow; or J. & P. Coats mercerized crochet, 12 balls of ecru and 5 balls of dk. yellow; or if Clark’s Big Ball mercerized crochet is being used, buy 6 balls of ecru only. Milward’s steel crochet hook No.8. lh yd. 54-inch width natural linen for 4 napkins. Set consists of 4 place mats each about 11×21 inches, a center mat about 13×28 inches, and 4 napkins each 13 inches square. The center mesh of mat is worked first, then sunset patterns are worked and sewed to each end.Sun Set Luncheon Set-1


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