Sunday Dress-up

This Sunday dress- up was made from georgette material Foundation pattern instruction for the sleeve is here And instruction for the skirt is here the jacket /blouse foundation hip length for the blouse foundation is here Make your pattern according the your size and measurement, cut pattern pieces out and be guided by the sewing instruction in the pictures layout..

Sunday Dress-up-7 Sunday Dress-up-8 Sunday Dress-up-9 Sunday Dress-up-10 Sunday Dress-up-11 Sunday Dress-up-12 Sunday Dress-up-13 Sunday Dress-up-14 Sunday Dress-up-15 Sunday Dress-up-16 Sunday Dress-up-17 I don't respect people who beg for it. O.o-17 Sunday Dress-up02 Sunday Dress-up-1 Sunday Dress-up-3 Sunday Dress-up-4 Sunday Dress-up-5 Sunday Dress-up-6

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