Tea Towel Togs

By: Jennifer Weske

I have always loved fine home linens, but most guests are afraid to use them, and those who do usually find that they are not very absorbent! Few of us have the time or inclination to launder, press and preserve vintage linens, so most end up in estate sales and antiques stores where they can be purchased pretty inexpensively. That’s often where I find them to repurpose into clothing for my children. For my older daughter, I made an elegant pantsuit out of full-sized cutwork bath towels. And, for my younger daughter, I made an adorable dress using Lynn Week’s “Frannie” pattern and a set of beautiful pre-embroidered towels I found at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis. The pattern reminded me of days gone by, just like the linens, and I used my handwork skills to fashion embroidery on the bodice in colors to coordinate with the existing embroidery on the towel. The finished result was an adorable and easy custom-made linen dress.

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