The Dolman Sleeve

The Dolman-Front, Kimono-Back Blouse

 Another variation in the blouse is the combination of kimono back with dolman front. The back of the blouse and sleeve are cut in one piece, then seamed from low arms circle to shoulder neckline. Novel effects may be obtained with this pattern by cutting back and sleeves one way of material and the front section the opposite way. Color contrasts may also be used to good advantage. After stiff paper pattern is completed, re-cut in tissue paper or muslin. Pink up pattern and place on form over shoulder pad. Readjust fullness, check seam lines and drape in design detail. In this way you train yourself to see design lines in harmony with body lines. You may later work directly on the form with dress material.

The blouse sketched above shows a combination of kimono shoulder and dolman line in front.

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