Tissue Holder

Tissue holder was worked in cross stitch over two threads on natural 32 count belfast linen using two strands of cotton. DMC stranded cotton 340 blue and blue glass seed beads wore used. This is a self lined holder, made by making a fabric tube that is then folded into the centre the stitching must be worked during assemble. To make the tissue holder 1 cut the fabric 14cm wide x 30 cm high (note that these measurements can be variable as packets of tissues do vary in size. We suggest you purchase your tissues before stitching the holder so you can check measurements). 2 Fold the fabric in half, so that the seam will be in the centre of the tube and allow a 1 cm overlap. Pin this in place. Fabric should now measure 14 cm wide x 14 cm high. 3 With the as yet unsewn seam in the centre of the fabric, flatten out and iron the-outside folds of the tube to form a permanent crease, these will be your guideline for placement of cross stitch. 4 Fold in the side seams 1 cm and iron to form a permanent crease. 5 We worked our cross stitch seven threads away from the fold crease on the unseamed sides of the fabric. 6 When cross stitching has been completed, refold the fabric with the right side of the cross stitch on the inside and sew the centre seam,leaving a 2 cm gap for turning in the middle of the seam. 7 Sew the side seams 1 cm in from raw edges. 8 Turn right side out and using a cotton to match your fabric neatly slip stitch the centre seam closed, then fold the sides into the middle and slip stitch the sides closed. Slip stitch the centre pieces closed 2 cm on each side and then work several stitches to strengthen the opening (you will see the need for these stitches when you are inserting your tissues). 9 Insert unwrapped packed of tissues

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