Tube top Summer dress

I pick up this piece of polka dot material while in Miami, I am going to make a summer dress for my daughter with just two measurements, using your regular thread and elastic thread. 1) Take a very loose hip measurement (like for a gather waist skirt) 2) Take dress full length start measuring from about 5inches from the shoulder seam to knee or as desired (see instruction diagram). Next, cut two pieces of material half of the hip measurement and the full dress length Example for size 10 you can have two pieces of material 30 inches across and about 22 inches long

How to sew this simply Tube Top Dress 1)    First give the top of the material a ½ inch stitch as shown with your regular thread. 2)    Take your machine bobbin out and replace it with the elastic thread bobbin. Note: I use my hands to wind the elastic thread unto to bobbin that is what works best for me, but you can use your machine as you would with the regular thread. With the right side of the fabric facing up, and your bobbin with elastic thread in place, and your machine string with regular thread, start by making one row of stitches about 1/4 inch from the top stitch, stitch the next row ¼ under the first row continue this pattern until you have about 10 inches in length (for size 8-10, measure your child) Stitch the elastic in the same way for front and back. Next you will joint the sides and stitch the hem. Make strap as shown. Note: for the strap you can be very creative. Stitch three spaghetti strap and plat them to make one, or you can just use spaghetti straps, you can also use the elastic thread to design a strap. For smaller child you can frill the dress bottom

Example measurement Size 5 – 22 wide – length as desired Size 7 – 24 wide – length as desired Size 8 – 26 wide – length as desired Size 10 – 30 wide – length as desired Size 12 – 32 wide – length as desired Example of material yardage 1 yard for smaller size 1-1/2 yard for medium size 2 yards for bigger size 45 inches wide Coupon Corner


Tube top Summer dress-1 Tube top Summer dress-2 Tube top Summer dress-3 Tube top Summer dress-4

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