Valentine Door Decor

With a satin ribbon holding the key to your heart, this lacy door decoration will make a charming display on Valentine’s Day. What a lovely way to express your romantic sentiments!

Size: lO-1/2″w x 19-3/4 “h Supplies: Worsted weight yarn (refer to color key), one lO-1/2″ x 13-1/2″ sheet of 7 mesh plastic canvas, #16 tapestry needle, 10-2″ of 1-1/2″w red satin ribbon, sawtooth hanger, clear-drying craft glue, sewing needle, and thread Stitches Used: Backstitch, Gobelin Stitch, Overcast Stitch, and Tent Stitch Instructions: Follow charts and use required stitches to work Door Hanger pieces, Use white and match ,’s to tack Flower (lOx 10 threads) Keyhole to Heart at s, Use white and match ‘s to tack Flower to Heart at ‘s, Glue ribbon to wrong side of Heart between x‘s, Refer to photo to fold end of ribbon and glue in place. Use sewing needle and thread to sew Key to end of ribbon. Glue sawtooth hanger to wrong side of Heart. Designed by Dick Martin.

door-decor door-decor-chart

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