Tailor’s welt pocket

how to sew a welt pocket

This instruction will show you a different way to sew a Tailor’s welt pocket. The welt pocket is a standard detail for blazers for both men and women.First you will measure material for pocket is 8” down by 7-1/2”  across [plus allowance]

Then material for welt/flap 5-1/2” long by 3/4 width [plus allowance] sew and turn your flap use pelon inside if desired, press. then pin your welt/flap unto the pocket and sew as shown

cut along the marked line as shown, pay attention to the corner cutting instructions turn pocket in and press in place, serge raw edge inside pocket.Next step pin pocket in place unto your pants or skirt as shown stitch pocket unto your garment as shown making sure to get  the pocket level on all sides.Note: its best to practice on scraps material before starting the actual pocket.

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