Banded Placemats

Wide double banding creates reversible place mat.

Cutting Directions

Banded Placemats-1Determine size of finished mat (page 104) and desired width of finished banding. Cut place mat center the size of finished mat minus two times the width of finished banding, plus 1/2′ (1.3 cm).

For each mat, cut two centers. Stitch centers, wrong sides together, a scant 1/4′ (6 mm) from raw edge.

Cut banding twice the finished width plus1/2′ (1.3 cm); length the distance around outer edge of finished mat plus 1/2′ (1.3 CM). Use 1/4″ (6 mm) seams. Press under 1/4′ (6 mm) on lengthwise edges.

Press in half lengthwise, wrong sides together.

How to Sew Banded Place mats with Mitered Corners

1) Mark beginning stitching point on band the width of finished band plus 1/4′ (6 mm). Place mark 1/4′ (6 mm) from comer of mat, raw edges even and right sides together.

2) Mark and pin band at adjacent comer 1/4′ (6 mm) from edge. Pin between comers. Stitch on fold line from mark to mark; back stitch at ends to secure.

3) Fold band from mat diagonally.

Mark out from corner stitching the width of finished band. Fold at mark, right sides together. Mark 1/4″ (6 mm) from comer of mat.

Banded Placemats-24) Repeat steps 2 and 3, above, for next two comers.

5) Measure width of finished band from stitching; mark. Mark and stitch as shown. Press seam open;

trim. Fold band to reverse side,forming miters.

6) Fold band diagonally to miter comers on reverse side. Pin folded edge of band to stitching line.

Slip stitch the mitered comers and edges of band in place.

Banded Placemats-3



{Credit} Singer sewing for the Home (copyright 1984-1988)

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