Basic Sleeve

SLEEVE In freehand cutting just about everything is cut on the fold the dressmaker will fold the fabric and mark and cut, that way is easy and faster. The sleeve and other instruction given is for freehand cutting purposes only. This sleeve style and other styles is basic. For instruction on how to make puff sleeve, bell sleeve circular skirts etc. follow the instruction given in the Sleeve  Categories Measurement Needed full sleeve length (taken with arm slightly bend up) underarm length (from underarm to wrist arm circumference (fatter part of the arm) elbow circumference wrist   circumference

 Instructions A-B sleeve length B-D underarm length B-H half A-B H-L Elbow circumference A-C half arm circumference D-E same as A-C (square across) E-F same as B-D B-M half wrist measurement M-G about 1/2” G-B connect G- L connect E-L connect E-N about 1-1/2” Curve E to N and N-A using deep arm curve as shown sleeve instruction is give with material on the fold This is how your finish sleeve will look after cutting add 1/2” seam allowance all around and 1” hem as shown.

screenhunter_15-aug-16-1913 screenhunter_16-aug-16-1914 screenhunter_17-aug-16-1914

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