Bra Strap Dress


Pattern Layout

Cut four front and four back as pattern is fully lined.


join center front of dress and center front of lining

join side sean of dress and side seam of lining


sew dress strap and turn as shown

Tack strap to dress back both side, center back to located strap position then place dress lining over dress and sew all around leaving bottom and position for the front strap open clip and turn baste in place. sew and turn knot for the front.

sew knot as shown and front strap in place getting desired length.

Run gather stitch in skirt, gather pin to top and stitch all around leaving back open for a 12’’ to 18 inch zip (this will depend on the size dress you are making). Pin and sew back zipper, sew and attach front bow as shown.

Bra Strap Dress-2 Bra Strap Dress-3 Bra Strap Dress-4 Bra Strap Dress-5 Bra Strap Dress-6 Bra Strap Dress-7 Bra Strap Dress-8 Bra Strap Dress-9 Bra Strap Dress-1


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