Swag And Jabot

How to make swag-and-jabot window treatment that requires a minimum of sewing. Jabots are the fabric panels that cascade down each side of the window in pleats. The jabots are mounted over center swag on a narrow board cut to the width of the window, which is mounted above the window. The illustration below will show another way to install swags and jabot. First I will make a pattern from brown paper, but you can pick up a professional Patten at any fabric store etc. then you will trace and cut you swag and jabot.Swag Start by pleating your swag and pin to the back of your settee or chair, form pleat and pin to suite, When you’re satisfied with the pleats, stitch in place, pleat jabot as show and pin to swag, Note: jabot is always lined for a more professional look; this illustration is of an un-lined pattern. The jabot pattern is odd-shaped, can be described as a modified triangle with two points squared off. Cut your jabot pattern and place on the fabric and cut. The wider section will be the top and the smaller papered end will be the bottom. Form pleats in the top of the jabot about 2’’ pleat will do or pleat to your satisfaction, make pleats going to the side away from the swags.Installation The professional way to install swag and jabot, first you’ll need a narrow board cut to the width of the window. Wrap the board in fabric, and staple. Attach the swag to the board, using a staple gun. Fold the jabot return about 1/2″ in from the side of the board. Then staple the top of the jabot to the front of the board, on top of the swag. In this case I am just going to place a lining to the back of the swag and jabot after I set the pleats and get my measurement. I will add some ease for a small amount of gather. Then I will just stitch on top leaving 3’’ space inside for curtain rod. This will not give you the full beautiful look of swag and jabot but will look almost like it. If you are not able to get the board install on top of your window but would like the look of swag and jabot, this is another way to go.

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