Cherry Blossom Earrings

Designed by:Joann  Allard FINISHED SIZE 21⁄2” Materials 52 cream soda size 11° seed beads (A) 10 amber/rose AB size 10° triangles (B) 10 pink opal 6mm bell flowers 8 raspberry/white 7mm star cups 2 cranberry 7mm star cups 2 raspberry/white 5×7mm leaves 2 knot cups Pair of ear wires 20″ of white PowerPro beading thread Tools Twisted wire beading needle Round-nose pliers Flat-nose pliers Scissors Super Glue Gel Step By Step

  • (1): Use 10″ of thread to string 1 size 11°; tie a double knot around the bead, leaving a 4″ tail. String 1 knot cup, nestling the bead inside.
  • (2): Branches. String 4A, 1 leaf, and 15A. String 1 cranberry star cup, one 6mm bell flower, and1B; pass back through the flower, the star, and 4A. *String 3A, 1 raspberry star cup, 1 bell flower, and 1B; pass back through the flower, the star, and 3A. Pass back up through 4A of the stem (Figure 1). Repeat from * to add three more flowers up the stem (Figure 2).
  • (3): Pass back through the knot cup and tie a knot with the tail thread. Trim the tails close and dab the knot with glue. Bend a loop with the end of the knot cup to attach an ear wire.
  • (4): Repeat Steps 1–3 for a second earring.

For more of this  beautiful work, please visit the mother and daughter  website

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