Three Piece Toilet Cover

Materials Approx 1 yard 60 inch wide  material of your choice ½ yard material of lesser cost for lining ¼ inch sponge (I sheet, you can use the rest for shoulder pads and other ventures) Approx 2 yards. 1/2 inch elastic and  1/2 yard 1inch elastic How to measure for the fabric Measure the full top of the toilet seat them add 5 inches for the under Measure the full top of the tank then add 6 inches all around for both sides, the front and under Measure the full toilet tank from side to side and from top to bottom then add 3 inches to the top and 3 inches to the bottom. And 1-1/2 inches to the bottom for hem How to measure for the sponge For the toilet cover measure the top, no allowance For the tank top measure the top, no allowance For the tank measure top to bottom and side to side no allowance Step By Step 1.    measure and cut the fabric for the toilet top as shown 2.    measure and cut the sponge for the toilet top 3.    measure and cut the bottom lining for the sponge 4.    follow cutting instructions for the tank and the tank top. down PDF picture gallery Sewing 1.    serge or zigzag the edges 2.    use running stitch for the circle toilet top and the circle tank top 3.    follow sewing instruction in the PDF picture gallery Note. The cut out for the toilet handle should be carefully position and mark before cutting, put the tank cover on and mark , then make a  long button hole about 3inches



Click the link above to view full Pattern with Adobe Reader download Adobe Reader here In a next post I will show you how to make the bathroom floor mat and the shower liner cover.

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