Fashion Gauge

Fashion Gauge-1While many of this season’s hottest looks were inspired by the fashions of the ‘60s and 70s, the interpretations are definitely in the ‘00s. Case in point, the jacket / dress combo. In the 60s, it was a dress-plus-little-jacket: in the ‘00s, it’s a long jacket and no dress, opaque hose, and lots of leg. Pantsuits are back and looking like real suits, just as they did a few decades ago when they first made fashion headlines.

Global warming is affecting our climate and our color palette. Spring-like tones have crept into fall’s array of livelier brights. Raspberry, lilac, acid green, pink, fuchsia, daffodil, and cool blue all make an appearance. And brown is the new black.

Separates dominate over dresses. The bomber jacket abounds in everything from supple leather for day to quilted satin for night. The peplum jacket, over pleated or gently flared skirt, is the citified suit. Cardigan jackets are cropped short and trimmed with binding or braid, a la chanel. No matter what style jacket you choose, you can’t go wrong by mating it with a turtleneck. In fact, the boxy, knitted cardigan, paired with matching turtleneck, is this season’s answer to the sweater set. For those who can, the catsuit is the perfect choice for leisure wear.  For those who can’t, the long sweater over leggings or stirrup pants combines camouflage with fashion. Where coats are concerned, the trend is king in gabardine, sateen and polyurethane.

Zippers have crossed the line from function to fashion, making a statement on jackets, dresses, and skirts. Look for them as center front closures, or as a wrist or pocket detail, replacing the tailor welt. They’ve even been spotted spiraling around the body on a simple knit dress. From rugged jackets to cocktail dresses, Native American motifs (from fringe to beading), are a favored embellishment. Also in the forefront are the vivid colors and patterns so loved by the Amish.

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