Freehand Cutting Back Bodice


1.Front shoulder height measurements 2.Back shoulder height measurements 3.Center Back 4.Center front 5.Bust 6.Waist 7.Shoulder length 8.Across back 9.Width across chest 10.Width across shoulders 11.Neck -(optional)

Back Bodice Instructions The back bodice instructions is similar to the front bodice instructions. A-B back shoulder height B-C Center back length. A-D Half across shoulder measurementD-E 2”. E-F Shoulder length. G is half center back and waistline. I center between C & G. I-J half across back  measurement . B-K (3 ½”) ¼ of back waist  measurement K-L 1 ½” for back waist dart. M is the center between K-L. L-N is balance of waist  measurement . Connect C-E for neck curve. E-J-H for armhole curve. H-N for side seam To finish Add seam allowance as shown.

Tools Tape measure Tailors square Fabric Curve ruler Designing C-thru ruler Tailors chalk scissors

Freehand Cutting Back Bodice-1 Freehand Cutting Back Bodice-2

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