Kitchen Items

Personalized Chef ApronPersonalized Chef Aprons available in yellow, Pink, Blue, White, Green, Orange, Black Brown you can also order your Apron in a variety of Floral Fabric.

Apron can be Personalized with your business name or Logo, just send us an e-mail of your preference and we will do the rest.






Our repertoire of embroidery products also includes embroidered kitchen items. Notwithstanding the fact that the word “kitchen” brings to our mind a picture of glossy utensils, shining cutlery and mouth watering dishes, a complete kitchen also necessarily includes a number of textile items. Though the aprons and the gloves worn by the cooks, the valance, the linens and the table cloth used therein, and the curtains which adorn it may escape our fancy, these are inseparable parts of the kitchen and add to the beauty of a kitchen in their own unique way.

When adorned with classy embroidery, these traditional kitchen items are sure to acquire a delightful allure, and to serve this end, we offer the most exquisite embroidered kitchen items. The gorgeous patterns which our kitchen products carry are sure to augment the pleasure of being in a kitchen by manifolds.

Since being in a kitchen often involves handling utensils at uncomfortable temperatures, and due to obvious reasons the kitchen garments are prone to getting stained which necessitates their frequent washing, the embroidery of kitchen fabrics should be especially robust. Therefore, only products from the best in the business should be trusted when it comes to embroidered kitchen items, and we guarantee that you would not regret your choice in case you entrust us with the responsibility of providing you embroidered kitchen items of superlative quality.

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