Pet Clothes Stores

Canines, felines, bovines, rodents- no matter what category and type of pet you own, no matter how many you own, there is a dress for each of them!  We are sure your pet must have brought much happiness and energy into your lives from the very time it was made a part of the family.  And it’s also true that people today raise pets with great love, care and affection like they raise their very own kids.

Food, toys, and clothing thus becomes an essential area for expenditure for your beloved pet.  And who wouldn’t like to dress up his/her ball of fur with comfortable, funky clothes and apparels that catch everyone’s attention?

Our site offers you a wide range of embroidered pets wear to shower your affection onto this warm extended member of the family.  Available in a wide range of color, styles and sizes it’s something you must try and splurge on!

Each fabric outshines the other with its shine and quality, every piece of embroidery is done like an expensive and rare piece of art and almost each piece you buy would be worth every penny spent on it.

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