How to Sew a Comforter Cover

How to Sew a Comforter Cover-1

1) Press under 16″ (40.5 cm) across the lower edge of the back, right sides together. If using tapes or zipper, snip the fold to mark ends of closure. Stitch 3/4″ (2 cm) from the fold; backstitch at snips and baste stitch across the


closurearea. Cutonfold;press seam open.

2a) Insert hook and loop` tape (a),snap tape (b) or zipper (c) according to instructions for sewing zipper here

2b) Cut back apart on 16″ (40.5 cm) fold line for button closure. Press under W’ (6 mm) then I” (2.5 cm) hem on each edge; stitch. On hem of shorter piece, make buttonholes 10″ to 12″ (25.5 to 30.5 cm) apart; attach buttons opposite buttonholes.

How to Sew a Comforter Cover-2

3) Pin cover front to cover back, right sides together. For button closure, pin the shorter piece first,lapping the longer piece over it.

4) Make tabs, Attach socket side of snaps to tabs,and ball sides to corners of the comforter. Pin a tab at each corner of the cover, edges even.

5) Stitch front and back of cover together with 1/2” (1.3 cm) seam.

Diagonally trim bulk from comers.

Turn cover right side out. Insert comforter; snap cover to comforter at corners.

{Credit} Singer sewing for the Home (copyright 1984-1988)

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