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basic-guide-to-pattern-making_coverThis pattern making E-book is for all those who love to sew but don’t know where to start. With this e-book youwilllearn how to take measurement correctly, learn how to make the basic foundation pattern, then move on to making any style in this book or using your own creative fashion knowledge you will go on to making style upon styles for yourself and your family, or this may be the start of a fashion career for you..





pdf buttonI know this E-book will be of great help to you in starting a career in pattern making and fashion designing. And with your creative thinking you will be well on your way to becoming a top pattern maker and fashion designer……  Wear something you proudly Sew!!!!



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THIS E-BOOK reveals the secrets of cutting smart patterns that professionals know will produce smart, graceful apparel. The pattern is the design for a garment. It is to the dress designer what the blue print is to the architect. Only well-cut garments have pdf buttonSTYLE; and this style is achieved only through clever shaping, careful placing of the grain of the fabric, exaggeration of the silhouette at just the right point. As the pattern is, so the finished gown will be.




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