How To Sew Darts

Darts are narrow pointed folds that give shape and structure to many garments Darts is used to shape a flat piece of fabric to fit Waist, Hip, Bust or body curves. There are two types of darts. A single-pointed dart is widely use in skirts, pants, blouse etc. Start sewing this dart at the waist or at one end and slant it off at the other endA double pointed dart is like two single pointed darts. This dart is use in Jackets, straight dress fitted blouse etc. Start sewing at the middle (center) of the dart, without backstitching, sewing to the end of the dart and slant the stitch length as if it were a single pointed dart. Return to the center of the dart and back stitch over a couple of the stitches you had started to the second end of the dart. Sew to the point of the dart slating to nothing DARTS in heavyweight or loosely woven fabric can be double-stitched to make them more secure. To fasten off, tie the threads at the point of the dart separately for each stitching line. NOTE: Double-pointed darts usually need to be cut depending on how wide the middle (center) of the dart is. Use a scissors and remove a triangle of fabric in the widest part of the dart without cutting into the stitching. Carefully press half of the dart open and flat. Repeat this technique for the other half of the dart. If the fabric is frail you may want to sew the dart slimmer and avoid

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