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All eyes focus on the geometric squares and circles formed by cheer-leading wooden beads.MATERIALS: HIAWATHA Super Corde Art. 38, 2 tubes for Bag, I tube for Hat HIAWATHA Metallic Corde Art.64, 2 tubes for Bag, 1tube for Hat HIAWATHA Square Wooden Beads, 5 strings dark and5 strings light for Bag,2    strings dark and 2 strings light for Hat HIAWATHA Rectangular Box Bag Lining No. 6671 HIAWATHA Hat Frame No. 6727 Steel crochet hook No. 1 GAUGE-6 sc = 1.. BAG BOTTOM-With corde ch 22 to measure 31/2″. RND 1-3 sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 19 ch, 5 sc in end ch, continuing around work sc in each st along other side of starting chain, ending with 2 sc in same place as 1st 3 sc (48 sts). RND 2-Sc in next st, 3    sc in next St-CORNER-SC in each st to 5 sts at other end, (sc in next st, 3sc in next st) twice; sc in each st to last 2 sts,3 sc in last st (4 corners). Insert marker in 1st corner. RND 3-* Sc to next corner, 3 sc in center st of corner. Repeat from * around. Work 3 sc in center st of each corner every rnd until there are 136 sts and piece measures    3 3/4″ x63/4 “, ending 1st before 1st corner. Sl st in corner. SIDES-Through back loops only, sc in each st. Sl st in next st. Turn. Drop Corde. Slip 2 strings of dark beads on 1tube of metallic thread, slip 2 strings of light beads on other tube. spectator-sports-pdf-document CLICK THE LINK ABOVE TO DOWNLOAD FULL INSTRUCTION -PDF DOCUMENT

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