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Home is where the heart is and who wouldn’t set heart on a place that radiates luxury and positive energy by way of its decoration?  It is said that how one embellishes her home speaks a lot about her personality and the person that she is.  The site brings to you the opportunity to establish your claim over your personal space in the most original, creative and beautiful manner with embroidered curtains, carpets, rugs, cushions, paintings, wall papers, sofa and bed covers and many more items of interior decoration.

It’s a collection that any home maker or designer would simply love given the sheer variety offered as well as the economical prices of the same.  The embroidery on each item makes it very different for the usual ones available in stores these days.  High quality cloth of a single as well as mixture of two fabrics is available to suit your personal needs.  Intricate and fine embroidery with good quality threads is done and in some, pretty beads and sequence is used to give every inch of the good a fine finish, so every nook and corner of your home sparkles with elegance.

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