Simply Gathered Waist Dress

To put this dress together please follow the step by step instruction

And cutting diagram

Three links that will help with drafting instruction dress-bodice-foundation slopers/draft-fitted-bodice draft-dress-sleeve-juniors-misses-women 1.    Join front and back shoulder seam together 2.    Join neck and back facing together 3.    Attach joint facing to front and back 4.    Trim and base facing in place 5.    Pin and put sleeves in 6.    Sew front and back bodice darts 7.    Run two gather stitch in skirt waist 8.    Gather and sew skirt to blouse bodies front and back leaving center back open 9.    Join center back leaving 18” for zipper 10.    Put zipper in 11.    Sew sleeve hem 12.    Join dress together from sleeve to skirt tail both sides 13.    Hem, trim and press your dress Belt 1.    Sew 1” belt 2.    put eyelet in 3.    Attach cover buckle or a buckle of your choice

Simply Gathered Waist Dress-1 Simply Gathered Waist Dress-2 Simply Gathered Waist Dress-3 Simply Gathered Waist Dress-4

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